Rockford Register-Star (1855-2008)
An Archive of Americana Collection

Quick Facts

  • Firsthand news and analysis from northern Illinois’ oldest daily newspaper
  • An in-depth chronicle of 19th and 20th century Illinois history
  • Ideal for a broad range of users, including researchers, students and genealogists


As the oldest and most important daily newspaper in the greater Rockford metropolitan area, the Rockford Register-Star traces the history of northern Illinois from its pre-Civil War years through the turn of the 21st century. The fully searchable, digitized archives of the Register-Star offer researchers comprehensive coverage and uniquely Prairie State perspectives of nearly every issue and event that affected the region for three centuries, from major wars to local politics and beyond.

A local record of 19th-century history
Not long after Rockford was chartered as a city, the predecessor of the Rockford Register-Star began publishing news from the region, including young Abraham Lincoln’s first visit, the construction of the city’s first public schools and the completion of the railroad. Later, the area became a training camp for some of Illinois’ 250,000 Civil War soldiers and was visited by General Sherman. The Register-Star recorded these and other important 19th century events, from Lincoln’s assassination to the industrial boom to the start of the Spanish-American war.

A window into Illinois life and politics
In the first half of the 20th century, Rockford was an important military city, training soldiers for World War I and housing German prisoners during World War II. Later, the city exemplified the struggles facing many industrial cities in the north, including urban renewal, desegregation and unemployment. The Rockford Register-Star captured the city’s unique solutions to these and other issues, as well as providing reporting and editorials that reflect the region’s response to national and international news.

An American Newspaper Archive
One of the major titles in American Newspaper Archives, this digital edition enables users to easily search and browse the Rockford Register-Star. Digital editions of dozens of other vital American newspapers, from every region of the United States, are also available individually. Each is cross-searchable via an integrated interface that allows users to easily view, magnify, print and save digital page images.

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