Boston Herald (1848-1991)
An Archive of Americana Collection

Quick Facts

  • Comprehensive coverage of local, regional, national and international news
  • A mix of eyewitness accounts, astute editorials and award-winning photography offer unique insight into the 19th and 20th centuries
  • Ideal for a broad range of users, including researchers, students and genealogists


As one of Boston’s most venerated newspapers, the Boston Herald captured the city’s transition from a regional manufacturing hub to an international center of trade and commerce. Through Pulitzer Prize-winning reporting and photography, the Herald offers firsthand accounts of local and regional issues as they unfolded, along with uniquely New England perspectives of national and international events. Ideal for students, genealogists and researchers, this fully searchable digital archive is essential for understanding 19th- and 20th-century American history.

In-depth coverage from the intellectual and commercial hub of the North
By the mid-19th century, Boston was among America’s biggest manufacturers, producing everything from sugar to textiles. As the city expanded its network of railroads, turnpikes and canals, international trade expanded. Boston exploded in wealth and influence, contributing important writers, philosophers and politicians to the national and international stage. By the Civil War, it was a hotbed of abolitionist activity. The Boston Herald offers invaluable insight into Boston’s role in ending slavery and fighting the Civil War, as well as into Irish immigration, the construction of America’s first subway and the Great Fire of 1872.

A trove of award-winning 20th century reporting
In the 20th century, the Boston Herald won seven Pulitzer Prizes for its coverage of American military policy, the sinking of the SS Andrea Doria and the desegregation of the city’s bus system, among other topics. The Herald also provides exceptional reporting on the effects of World War I and II on the region ,the struggle for industrial safety in New England’s mill towns, and the effects of urban renewal. Through eyewitness accounts and astute editorials, this comprehensive archive offers endless research opportunities for students and researchers in a variety of disciplines.

The landmark work behind the digital edition
The magisterial bibliography Afro-Americana 1553-1906 was first published in 1973. A second edition published in 2008, including 2,500 works acquired since 1973, now provides the bibliographic control for the Readex edition. Afro-Americana Imprints, 1535-1922 will be fully integrated into America’s Historical Imprints for seamless searching with Early American Imprints, Series I and II, including Supplements from the Library Company of Philadelphia.

An American Newspaper Archive
One of the major titles in American Newspaper Archives, this digital edition enables users to easily search and browse the Boston Herald. Digital editions of dozens of other vital American newspapers, from every region of the United States, are also available individually. Each is cross-searchable via an integrated interface that allows users to easily view, magnify, print and save digital page images.


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